Packaging Copywriter

You’ve got a great product chock-a-block with fantastic benefits, now you just need to give it a great name, squeeze the benefits onto a little label, oh, and make it legally compliant.  

That's where I come in. With the right words, less really can be more and products really can jump off shelves. A little label isn’t a problem, it’s one of the best ways to distil your product’s USP into persuasive, benefit-led copy that sells.

I can give your product a standout name and supporting copy. But I’m not done there. Your product copy needs to comply with local regulations and legislation, or it may not make it past import checks, into your foreign market and your customers’ hands. See below... 

Compliant and compelling

I've spent years working closely with regulatory and legal experts, producing copy that’s ASA, FDA and MRHA compliant as well as compelling, for markets including the UK, US, Canada, EMEA and Japan. My pack copy has travelled far and wide without a hiccup and with great sales. 

Email or call 07870416455 to discuss how I could be the product copywriter for your next packaging project.