Frankincense Intense Eye Cream launch campaign

Poster. In-store point of sale. Sample card. Press ad. Social media. Leaflet. 

"Michelle is a delight to work with. A skilled copywriter with an excellent understanding of marketing, advertising and retail, she gets to the heart of a brief.

Michelle is commercially minded and always aims to understand the customer. She understands the challenges of marketing in a complex retail environment across multiple channels and has delivered enduring copy and product names under tight deadlines on numerous occasions."

Helen Baker, Managing Director of Neal's Yard Remedies

The brief

Build on the success of Neal's Yard Remedies bestselling Frankincense Intense Cream, with the launch of a new clinically proven Eye Cream. 

The solution

A kit of parts that called out the lead benefits - that the cream had been clinically proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

All while maintaining Neal's Yard Remedies ethical stance on positive ageing, and in compliance with the UK's ASA and the US's FDA skincare regulations. 

Starting as a single product, the instant success led this to become a bestselling three product (and growing) collection almost instantly. 

"Working within the restrictions of bodies such as the HMRA, ASA and FDA can be a challenge, but Michelle always found a way to deliver strong, commercially-successful product and marketing copy, while respecting the regulations.

With her support, we launched many new health and wellbeing lines that went on to become brand bestsellers with fantastic sales.

Michelle would be a great asset to any business and is a pleasure to work with – I’d recommend her to anyone."

Susan Curtis, Deputy Chair and Director of Natural Health at Neal's Yard Remedies


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